Shadowlands Season 1 has been going for more than 2 months, and we’re exploring the most popular team compositions for Mythic+! is a site with many useful features when it comes to Mythic dungeons in Shadowlands. We use it when we cover the most popular DPS or tank/healing specializations for Mythic+ each week. The site has now been updated with a new handy function called Composition Explorer, which tells you the most popular team comps so far in Season 1. It even has a search function, allowing you to search for runs with your input.

The Most Popular Team Composition in Shadowlands Season 1

Here’s a list of the most popular team comps for Season 1 so far. The most popular composition with well over 24.6K runs includes Vengeance Demon Hunter (Tank), Restoration Shaman (Healer), Marksmanship Hunter (DPS), Fire Mage (DPS), and Balance Druid (DPS).

In 2nd place, we have the same comp, but the Restoration Shaman healer is replaced with Restoration Druid. This comp has a total of 14.3K runs in Season 1.

In 3rd place, we’ve got the same comp as on 2nd place, but Balance Druid gets replaced with Outlaw Rogue. You can check out the table below for more information about the most popular comp, or visit for even more data.

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