Players who complete the Forbidden Reach meta-achievement in Patch 10.0.7 will receive “The Forbidden” title.

You Know How to Reach Me requires players to complete the following achievements:

Champion of the Forbidden Reach – Complete all of the following special encounters in the post-storm Forbidden Reach.

Door Buster – Unlock 150 doors within the Zskera Vaults using Zskera Vault Keys.

Reward: the Key Master title

Every Door, Everywhere, All At Once – Unlock every door in a single Zskera Vault within one week.

Explore the Forbidden Reach – Explore the post-storm Forbidden Reach, revealing the covered areas of the world map.

Forbidden Spoils – Open 10 Forbidden Hoards around the post-storm Forbidden Reach.

Hoarder of the Forbidden Reach – Open 100 small treasures around the post-storm Forbidden Reach.

Librarian of the Reach – Collect each of the following books found in the post-storm Forbidden Reach.

The Burden of Lapisagos

A Soldier’s Journal

A Song of the Depths

Return of the Nightsquall

Lost Expedition Notes

Words of the Wyrmslayer

Living Book

Opera of the Aspects

The Old Gods and the Ordering of Azeroth (Annotated)

Scroll Hunter – Find treasures from 50 Sealed Scroll maps in the post-storm Forbidden Reach.

Treasures of the Forbidden Reach – Discover the hidden treasures within the post-storm Forbidden Reach.

Under the Weather – Complete a Froststone Vault Primal Storm of every element.

While We Were Sleeping – Deliver the following items to the Scalecommanders at the Forbidden Reach.

Journal Entry: The Creches

Journal Entry: Experiments

Journal Entry: Relics

Journal Entry: Silence

Receiving Stone: Final Warning

Sending Stone: Protest

Sending Stone: Initial Report

Sending Stone: The Prisoner