Survival Hunters received some changes as well in Dragonflight Beta Build 46259.



Fury of the Eagle – Furiously strikes all enemies in front of you, dealing [ 236.2% 354.6% of Attack Power ] Physical damage over 4 sec. Critical strike chance increased by 50% against any target below 20% health. Deals reduced damage beyond 5 targets.


Kill Command – Give the command to kill, causing your pet to savagely deal [ 95% 143% of Attack Power ] Physical damage to the enemy.

Kill Shot – You attempt to finish off a wounded target, dealing [ 220% 297% of Attack Power ] Physical damage. Only usable on enemies with less than 20% health.

Flanking Strike – You and your pet leap to the target and strike it as one, dealing a total of [ 149% 224% of Attack Power + 149% 223.5% of Attack Power ] Physical damage.

Tier Set Bonuses

Hunter Survival Class Set 4pc – Raptor Strike, Carve, and Butchery have a 101% 20% chance to make your next Raptor Strike, Carve, or Butchery cost no Focus and deal 50% increased damage.