The new talent trees have some great background images, and with so many classes and specs to cover, there was a lot of art needed to represent each one. Luckily Warcraft has a very deep bench when it comes to art, and so Vedney decided to try and find where these representations of the specs are from. Unsurprisingly, most of them come from either Hearthstone or WoW TCG art, and lot of them had some subtle modifications, from simple rotation to changing facial expressions, removing some pieces of gear, and even moving an imp! Also a whole lot of classes have been mixed around, from Priests getting Paladin art, to Shamans getting Druids and similar.

A few that Vedney couldn’t find were located by others in the thread’s comments, but there’s still a few missing. Let’s take a look!

Survival Hunter (HotS key art, found by Monrar) :

Restoration Shaman (WoW TCG Muln Earthfury (and his art was reused for the Druid spell, Wrath in Hearthstone), found by ShakySeven) :

Unholy Death Knight (WoW TCG Ghoulmaster Kalisa, found by ZeHobnobs) :


And you can find the full art from the original post in this album as well.