We had a lot of movement in this past Nathria Fated week, with almost everyone aside from the forever-king Demonology moving around quite a bit. Unholy is the spec of the week, with Fire also rising, so let’s take a look in this slightly delayed edition of the rankings!

An important note before we begin: as the Fated raids are switching out each week, our comparisons to the previous weeks will be a little less relevant, but we’ll still mention it for context – just keep in mind it won’t be a direct comparison from week to week as it was before.


95th Percentile

While Warlocks didn’t quite have a bad week, we do see Destruction drop down a solid amount while still keeping 2nd place, and Demonology also lost a tiny fraction of its DPS in Nathria. But after that we do see some significant changes, as Unholy takes over the rest of the pack, leaping 4 spots from its Sepulcher position. Fire comes up 7 spots from just outside the top 10 to claim 4th, as the change of scenery really helped it along, pushing Elemental down to 5th. Shadow is also part of the high risers of Nathria club, as it gains 4 spots, just ahead of Fury, which got knocked down 2 to make room for all these high-flying specs. Frost DK and Windwalker also drop a few spaces, as Retribution remains mostly stable, only dropping 1 and closing out the top 10. The bottom is very bright, with two yellows and an orange spec, the Druids remaining dead-last this week as well.

95th percentile Mythic data by Warcraft Logs.

All Percentiles

The generalist bracket sees more changes than the top for a change, as Unholy is doing even better here, or rather Destruction is doing much worse than last week, opening up quite a bit of space as it drops 7 spots. While Unholy grabs 2nd, Fury remains very consistent in 3rd, and Shadow bursts 7 spots up into 4th. Survival, Frost DK and Elemental manage to hang on and only drop 1 each, and while Fire doesn’t quite manage to rise as high here, it does actually gain more spots, a giant 10 up from last week, moving into 8th. Outlaw also finds itself in the 1-down club, closing out the top 10.

All percentiles Mythic data by Warcraft Logs.


Unholy rampages through Heroic as well, with Nathria really doing it a world of good as it secures 2nd (because there really isn’t any competition for 1st, with Demonology locking things down across all difficulties and brackets a long time ago). Arms makes its way back up, gaining 2 spots in 3rd and pushing Outlaw down one, Survival finds itself down 3 in 5h, and Fire actually drops 2 spots in Heroic, very much the opposite from its Mythic performance. Retribution is on the rise, gaining 6 spots and landing in 8th, with Beast Mastery and Enhancement closing out the top 10, both rising quite a bit from last week.

All percentiles Heroic data by Warcraft Logs.


As always, if you want even more info on a spec, you can check out our class guides here, for a DPS tier list you can go here, or for even more data, head on over to Warcraft Logs. You can also check out our Fated raid guides.