It seems there might be an additional scene after the credits roll on Diablo 4’s campaign! Several players have spotted this, but it’s only popping up after a second campaign completion, and it’s a very short glimpse. A glimpse of what exactly is going to be the interesting discussion going forward, with many theories already arising.

The Post-Credits Scene

We missed this one back at the game’s launch and there have been reports of it for a while now. So, let’s take a look at what all the fuss is about! There is a very slight chance this is all just an elaborate hoax. However, considering the many posts about it over the past weeks and players reporting it, it seems real – but we haven’t seen this one ourselves to confirm.

Like we said above, there have been reports of this basically since day 3 of early access, but they haven’t really made headlines from what we’ve been able to find. The above video’s author, AnActualSadTaco, recently brought the subject back. They also had an interesting theory of possible additional length to the scene after even more campaign playthroughs:

“So, a buddy of mine mentioned that he had seen comments saying people had witnessed some after credit scene on a second completion of the campaign. I was immediately interested in seeing if this were true and rolled a new character last night and speedran it and sure enough? There’s a brief new scene at the end of the credits that was not there the first time.

To make sure that I didn’t just skip it on my first completion, I found a random Twitch stream that watched through the entire credits of what I’m fairly confident was their first completion and the hell scene did not happen, it just cut straight back to gameplay. We were thinking that maybe on each new completion the cutscene could get longer? Unlikely, but a fun idea! If I can work up the motivation, may roll another character again and see if anything new happens or if the scene gets longer.”

Who Is the Red One?

There’s not much to go on, but oh so many options. The most obvious being it’s just a very different-looking Diablo, teasing his return. It could also be much more interesting, Inarius fallen back down to hell and reborn! We can’t forget Baal, Belial or any of the Prime and Lesser evils. Then there’s also Lucion, Mephisto’s son and Lilith’s brother.

A reverse google image search didn’t exactly help, other than suggesting it may be the Balrog from Lord of the Rings or WoW’s Deathwing, so it doesn’t seem it’s a known piece of art from the franchise at least. However, if we go by the image alone, Lucion does seem like a solid pick:

Source: Jean-Baptiste Monge for The Book of Tyrael.


So, what do you think? Did we just get our first tease for what’s to come? And just who is that?