With Patch 6.2’s recent website update, we got to see a screenshot sneak peek of Island Sanctuary, the farming simulator-like game mode coming soon to Final Fantasy XIV!

Check out the beautiful screenshots shared with us below:

Technically, these aren’t the first screenshots we’ve been shown of the island, as Yoshida previously shared the below image with us. By looking at the Roegadyn, we can see the immense area we’ll have to work with in the new game mode!

Island Sanctuary will allow players to grow and cultivate crops, build a customizable base of operations, craft tools, create handicrafts, and unlock flying in the zone! The vast island will hold personal progression for each player, but the game will allow you to host visitors and show off your progress. Curious about everything Island Sanctuary has to offer? You can find our post detailing all of the currently known features here.

Patch 6.2 lands late this month with new quests, Variant and Criterion Dungeons, the Omicron Beast Tribe, and more. You can find details on all we know from the recent Live Letter here. Be sure to stay tuned for more information coming out this weekend!