Spellweaver’s Talons appears to be a scrapped Dracthyr Evoker raid buff that increases the range of spells and abilities to 40 yards.

Dracthyr Evokers bring a utility raid buff called Blessing of the Bronze. It reduces the cooldown of major movement abilities for all party and raid members for 1 hour.

Blessing of the Bronze – Weave the threads of time, reducing the cooldown of a major movement ability for all party and raid members by 15% for 60 min. (Costs 4% of Base Mana, 40 yd range, 15-sec cooldown)

Every class has its movement ability, and so the raid buff affects the following:

Death Knight: Death’s Advance (All Specs)

Demon Hunter: Fel Rush (Havoc) and Infernal Strike (Vengeance)

Druid: Dash / Tiger Dash (All Specs)

Hunter: Aspect of the Cheetah (All Specs)

Evoker: Hover (All Specs)

Mage: Blink / Shimmer (All Specs)

Monk: Roll / Chi Torpedo (All Specs)

Paladin: Divine Steed (All Specs)

Priest: Leap of Faith (All Specs)

Rogue: Sprint (All Specs)

Shaman: Spiritwalker’s Grace (Elemental, Restoration) and Spirit Walk (Enhancement)

Warlock: Demonic Circle: Teleport (All Specs)

Warrior: Heroic Leap (All Specs)

However, we also found a different buff that seemingly is (or was at some point) intended for Dracthyr Evokers. It increases the range of your allies’ spells and abilities to 40 yards and has a 3-minute cooldown. Dracthyr Evokers currently don’t have the spell on the Alpha.

Spellweaver’s Talons – Draconic energy infuses your allies’ attacks, increasing the range of their spells and abilities to 40 yds for 12 sec. (Instant, 3 min cooldown)