Rogues received some adjustments and new talents in the latest Dragonflight Beta build.


All Specs

Shiv – Your Nature damage done against the target is increased by 20% for 9 8 sec.

Vigor – Increases your maximum Energy by [ 50 + 25% of Spell Power ] and your Energy regeneration by 15 10 + 25% of Spell Power ]%.


Improved Shiv – Shiv now also increases your Nature damage done against the target by 20% for 9 8 sec.

New Talents

Poison Damage – Increases the damage of your weapon poisons by 15%.

Improved Garotte – Garrote deals 50% increased damage and has no cooldown when used from Stealth and for 3 sec after breaking Stealth.

Atrophic Poison – Coats your weapons with a Non-Lethal Poison that lasts for 60 min. Each strike has a 30% chance of poisoning the enemy, reducing their damage by 3.0% for 10 sec.

PvP Talents

Hemotoxin – Shiv also reduces the target’s healing received by 40% for 9 8 sec.