talked to Game Director Ion Hazzikostas about Dragonflight, and we have the highlights.

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Interview Highlights

The team’s goal with Mythic tuning is to make the raid difficult enough that it allows the best guild in the world to distinguish itself from the second-best guild in the world.

When Dragonflight Season 1 starts, Mythic raid difficulty will be immediately available, and rewards from Mythic+ will be uncapped from the beginning. The raid opening during the holiday season was the main impetus for the changes. They hope to use the release model going forward.

There’s no chance of a global raid release in Dragonflight.

Fated Raids weren’t without flaws, but they were successful in terms of player participation. It beats having had another 3 months of Sepulcher, which was the alternative.

There are no immediate plans to make changes to the Hall of Fame.

In Dragonflight, players who are high-end key pushers doing 20s for the Great Vault rewards should be able to have every bit as much item-level (if not higher in some cases) 3-4 months into the season than someone weekly full-clearing their Mythic raid.

There are no immediate plans to expand the Mythic+ rewards system, but the goal is to keep evolving those structures.

Internally, the team has drawn the line at Mists of Pandaria regarding dungeons returning in future Mythic+ seasons. The visual fidelity of dungeons introduced prior does not fit with the aesthetic of the modern game.

Dragonflight is meant to be a breath of fresh air in its conception.

The entirety of the Dragonflight was created in a hybrid (primarily remote) environment. A couple hundred folks are back in the office any given day, with many coming in for 3 days and working at home on Mondays and Fridays. Other team members are fully remote or thousand miles away in different timezones. The team realized shifting to virtual meetings was superior.

Dragonflight truly is a labor of love, and the team is excited, full of passion and joy for what they made together, and can’t wait to share it with the world.