Quest for the fourth Spark of Ingenuity is now available on live servers. a Check out the details!

Head to the Maiden of Inspiration at 83.81 53.74 in Valdrakken to get started.

To complete the quest, you must go to Halls of Infusion and collect Irideus’ Power Core from Watcher Irideus (first boss) and kill Primal Tsunami, the final boss of the dungeon.

The easiest way to complete the quest is to queue for Heroic Halls of Infusion from within the Dungeon Finder. Once you clear the dungeon, head back to Maiden of Inspiration in Valdrakken to receive your Bottled Essence. Right-click the bottle will consume it and give you a Spark of Ingenuity.

Don’t forget to complete the quest on alts that haven’t reached Level 70 yet! If you’re not on this quest, you can complete all previous quests in one session.