We have a preliminary look at the changes to XP and gold gains after the recent patch. Aside from the actual buff to Nightmare dungeon experience, the other major change was the fact that you can now teleport to the dungeon, making runs much faster by skipping the ride up to it.

Ajamess tested out these new factors after the patch and compared them to some data they had from before it. Now, the sample size here isn’t big, but the calculations aren’t too random or hard to do, so it should be generally accurate. It is just one player’s numbers, however, so do keep that in mind. The dungeons were done at 3 levels above the player and between level 74 and 80.

In any case, the average XP per hour seems to have almost doubled since the patch!

Source: D4 Patch 1.03 XP / Gold Per Hour is Doubled.

The gold gains also went up, thanks to the dungeon teleport, although not as much as the XP. If you’re a little confused by the gold per hour discrepancy in the “with selling” section, it’s including the time it takes to sort all the items and decide what to sell.

Players seem to be very happy with the dungeon changes in general. The XP buff and teleport to them in particular is a very big hit! And after looking at these numbers that’s not that surprising.