File this one in the extreme irony category, as while many players were stuck on loading screens, waiting on boats and unable to even log in due to world servers being down while trying to play Dragonflight, this particular player just got ported directly to the Dragon Isles without even owning the expansion nor trying to get there!

Nantener was just minding their own business in Durotar when all the server instability surrounding the zeppelins heading off to the Isles somehow ripped some sort of portal and deposited them somewhere in the Waking Shores.

The trip didn’t take long, however, as they were ported back a while later.

Did not used any exploit, got a disconnect while i was in durotar, when I logged back, I found myself in the dargon isles. Did not bought the expansion.

Now i Ported back:

While this is pretty hilarious, I’m sure the many players that were stuck waiting and unable to get to the content they did pay for wouldn’t really see it that way, but at least most servers stabilized a few hours into the launch and everyone is enjoying the Isles properly now.

Perhaps this is some sort of new marketing technique? ?