The strange achievements are back, as we have a player reach the maximum level without ever leaving the starter location in Exile’s Reach! Chica aka reddit user Cheatcho is back and doing a whole lot of pet battles – well, other characters on the account are anyway – and has dinged 70 after about 60 days of light grinding (or 200 days if you count from 1-70).

We’ve already seen Chica get to level 60 back in patch 9.1, when the pet battle XP was buffed, and the way it’s done is very simple, as you just have alts on the same account do the 5 daily account-wide pet battle quests and then complete them with the character on the starter ship. The goal would have been reached quite a bit sooner as well, but Cheatcho used some of the daily quest XP to speed up leveling their neutral Pandaren first, (in combination with the standard mining and herbalism) helping get the World 2nd  just a few days after Doubleagent’s World First.

Cheatcho also adds some tips and hints on how to accomplish all of this as well as why they did it below.