A player has earned all sets in the Transmog sets tab on all classes up to and including Legion. The journey started in Battle for Azeroth and was completed this reset.

LheelaSP started a little project back in in Battle for Azeroth. The goal was to gather all sets on all classes up to Legion.

They shared some key takeaways with the community that you’ll find linked below.

Classic raids were not fun due to the small amount of loot dropping.

Ulduar was horrible because 10/25 raid loot is one difficulty and set tokens weren’t guaranteed.

Throne of Thunder trash drops were a nightmare. On Normal and Heroic difficulty, they are BoP and you don’t even receive Personal Loot from trash, so you will end up with Cloth/Mail/Plate gear and random epics while farming on a Druid, and so on.

Source: Reddit