Another hotfix batch arrives for retail, with more PvE tuning, this time focusing on the raid side.

September 2 (Source)

Dungeons and Raids

Fated Raids

Sepulcher of the First Ones

Lihuvim, Principal Architect

Resolved an issue where Creation Spark (Fated Power) could negatively affect the duration of Unstable Mote.

Resolved an issue where Fated Powers could occur twice at the start of the encounter.

Resolved an issue where damage taken from the Fated Powers Creation Spark, Reconfiguration Emitter, Chaotic Essence, and Protoform Barrier could be incidentally increased by Protoform Radiance.

Resolved an issue that could cause Fated Powers to spawn inside Unstable Motes.

The Jailer

Resolved an issue which could cause Fated Powers to spawn inside Defile.


Grimrail Depot

Railmaster Rocketspark

Explosives will no longer spawn on top of crates.