Another hotfix batch arrives, with class fixes, more Karazhan improvements (as well as some Tazavesh ones), Vicious Saddle and Fated achievement fixes and more.

August 24 (Source)




Fixed an issue causing Touch of the Magi to do less damage than intended in Fated raids.


Fixed an issue causing Bonedust Brew (Necrolord Ability) to do less damage than intended in Fated raids.

Dungeons and Raids


Return to Karazhan: Lower

Phantom Guests no longer have a random set of abilities.

Ghost Trap cooldown reduced to 60 seconds (was 90 seconds).

Resolved an issue that could cause tanks to lose threat after being hit by the Storming affix.

Maiden of Virtue

Resolved an issue that could unfairly kill non-tank players after Mass Repentance is cast.

Tazavesh: Streets of Wonder

Cartel Wiseguy’s Lightshard Retreat will no longer cause tanks to lose threat.

Items and Rewards

Fixed an issue preventing players from being able to earn Vicious Saddles.

The achievement Mythic: Fates of the Shadowlands Raids now correctly awards raid teleports to the character that earned it.