We have more hotfixes this Thursday, focusing on Shrouded affix tuning and some item fixes.

August 18 (Source)

Dungeons and Raids




Adjusted the health, melee damage, and ability damage of Nathrezim Infiltrators.

Vampiric Claws cooldown increased to 12 seconds (was 8 seconds).

Developers’ note: We discovered an issue that caused Nathrezim Infiltrators to have inconsistent health and damage, and as part of resolving the issue we had to adjust their health and damage values. The net result is that Nathrezim Infiltrators should feel slightly less powerful than they did previously.

Items and Rewards

Fixed an issue where items purchased with Puzzling Cartel Dinar could not be refunded.

Fixed an issue where Enforcer’s Stun Grenade, Kihra’s Adrenaline Injector, and Fleshrender’s Meathook did not reset their cooldowns upon ending an encounter.