More hotfixes arrive, mostly on the WotLK side of things.

September 9 (Source)


Fixed an issue where the Dark Ranger customization options for Blood Elf, Night Elf, and Void Elf were missing.

Wrath of the Lich King Classic

Whirlwind animations, such as the Warrior’s Whirlwind and a Rogue’s Fan of Knives, will now appear while moving (was only while standing still).


Track Humanoids will no longer activate when shapeshifting into Cat Form if Find Minerals, Find Fish, or Find Herbs is already active.


Fixed an issue where Overkill would be applied and immediately removed on rogues who did not know that talent.

True to their vocation, Argent Outfitters will now exchange Necrotic Runes for armor and other items in all Horde capital cities.

During the quest “City of Light,” Khadgar’s Servant will now continue giving its tour even if the player is not nearby.

Zombies are no longer unstoppable by benefitting from Preparation at the start of battlegrounds. Alterac Valley weekend is saved!

Gathering nodes will now have a sparkling visual effect when being tracked.

Fixed an issue where Group Finder activity level ranges were not correct. They should now more closely match the levels of the Meeting Stones for those dungeons.

Players can now list and browse the Group Finder for dungeons that are below their level.

Latency and other performance information is now visible in the tooltip of the Game Menu button.

Players can now report character friends.