The Secrets of the Forbidden Reach patch arrived this week with its new features and class tuning, and the WoW community promptly reacted and got the meme/funny image factory going.

First off we have the flood of Paladins in PvP, as players became resigned to just letting Rets have Solo Shuffle for themselves before Blizzard sped up the upcoming nerfs and made them live immediately.

Blizzard carefully deciding my teammates when I queue Solo Shuffle

Solo shuffle right now…

rets are the new hunters

When you play your first arenas in 10.0.7 and a retri paladin one shots you

And this last one didn’t quite age well:

Oh, We are happy!

The new cosmetic coming from the Baine questline has improved role playing possibilities:

I can finally RP ad Shadowlands Baine.

Then we have a very classic WoW experience we’ve probably all had:

Trying to login into WoW after you haven’t played for a while

There was also some speculation on what the Incarnates did when they were freed:

What I imagined the Incarnates were doing for all those months being free. What do you think their search history looks like?

A player ran across probably the best guild recruitment message ever:


Beast Mastery is also on the same rollercoaster ride that Retribution is on, with it getting good after the patch and then getting some nerfs, but the spec’s future is looking good:

The next logical step for BM Hunters (fixed ??)
by u/josrob5674 in wow