Check out the Paladin changes that went live in the latest 10.0.7 PTR build.


Retribution Aura – When any party or raid member within 40 yds takes more than 30% of their health in damage in a single hit, each member gains 5% increased damage and healing for 10 sec. This effect cannot occur more than once every 30 sec. healing, decaying over 10 sec. This cannot occur within 30 sec of the aura being applied.

Crusader Aura doesn’t grant increased range.



Light of Dawn – Unleashes a wave of Holy energy, healing up to 5 injured allies within a 15 yd frontal cone for [ 92.4% 101.64% of Spell Power ].


Wake of Ashes – Lash out at your enemies, dealing [ 346.5% 290% of Attack Power ] Radiant damage to all enemies within 14 yds in front of you and reducing their movement speed by 50% for 10 sec.

Divine Protection – Reduces all damage you take by 20% for 8 sec. Usable while stunned.

Mastery: Hand of Light – Increases Holy damage done by 12.8% 8.0%.

Execution Sentence – A hammer slowly falls from the sky upon the target, after 8 sec, they suffer [ 282% 270% of Attack Power ] Holy damage, plus 25% of damage taken from your abilities in that time.

Final Reckoning – Call down a blast of heavenly energy, dealing [ 287.5% 250% of Attack Power ] Holy damage to all targets in the target area and causing them to take 40% increased damage from your Holy Power abilities for 10 sec.

Physical Presence renamed to Divine Arbiter and changed. All Physical damage you deal is increaded by 20% and secondary effect NYI. Abilities that deal Holystrike damage deal 10% increased damage and your abilities that deal Holystrike damage grant you a stack of Physical Presence. At 50 stacks your next damaging single target Holy Power ability causes [ 500% of Attack Power ] Holystrike damage to your primary target and [ 150% of Attack Power ] Holystrike damage to enemies within 6 yds.

Executioner’s Will now increases the duration of Execution Sentence and Final Reckoning by 4 seconds.

Rush of Light (new talent) added. The critical strikes of you damaging single target Holy Power abilities grant you 5% Haste for 10 sec.

Divine Wrath (new talent) added. Increases the duration of Avenging Wrath or Crusader by 3 sec.

Judge, Jury and Executioner (new talent) added. Increases the critical strike chance of Judgment 10%.

Commanding Judgment – Judgment hits an additional 2 targets but now deals 50% reduced damage to secondary targets.

Aegis of Protection – Divine Protection reduces damage you take by an additional 10% and Shield of Vengeance absorbs 30% 20% more damage.

Adjudication  Critical strike chance increased by 2% Critical Strike damage of your abilities increased by 5% and Hammer of Wrath critical strikes cause a Blessed Hammer to spiral around you dealing [ 30% of Attack Power ] Holystrike damage to enemies.

Highlord’s Judgment – Judgment’s duration is increased by 2 3 sec and causes targets to take increased damage from your next 2 Holy Power abilities. If you have Greater Judgment, targets take 20% increased damage from your next 2 Holy Power abilities.

Vanguard of Justice – Your single-target damaging Holy Power abilities cost 1 additional Holy Power and deal 20% 33% increased damage. The spell now applies Divine Storm.

Blades of Light – Crusader Strike, Judgment, Hammer of Wrath and your damaging single target Holy Power abilities now deal Holystrike damage.

Burning Crusade Blade of Justice and Expurgation now deal Radiant (Fire and Holy) damage. Divine Storm, Divine Hammer and Consecration now deal Radiant damage.

Divine Hammer now deals damage beyond 8 targets. Range reduced to 8 yards.

Swift Retribution renamed to Divine Retribution and changed. Haste increased by 2% and secondary effect NYI Divine Storm deals 10% increased critical strike damage.

Art of War chance to trigger is now 20% (up from 15%).