Paladins received many class changes in the latest Patch 10.0.7 build on the PTR. Check them out!


Blessing of Dawn can have a maximum of 2 stacks (down from 4).

Eye of Tyr move to row 9.

Inmost Light moved to row 10.

Multiple talents switched positions in the tree. This includes Fists of Justice and Repentance/Blinding Light, Turn Evil and Obduracy.

Healing Hands is now available to Retribution Paladins only in the class tree.

Unbound Freedom is now available to Retribution Paladins only in the class tree.

Zealot’s Paragon has been removed from the Retribution specialization tree.

Fading Light now has a healing cap of 30% maximum health.

Vengeful Wrath (new talent) added. Hammer of Wrath always critically strikes.

Blessed Hammer and Hammer of the Righteous added to Crusader’s Reprieve.

Retribution Aura – When any party or raid member within 40 yards yds takes more than 50% 30% of their health in damage in a single hit, you gain each member gains 5% increased damage and healing for 10 sec. This cannot occur more than once every 30 sec.

Hammer of Wrath – Hurls a divine hammer that strikes an enemy for [ 120% 140% of Attack Power ] Holy damage. Only usable on enemies that have less than 20% health.


Seal of Charity can no longer critically strike.


Execution Sentence – A hammer slowly falls from the sky upon the target after 8 sec, they suffer [ 282% of Attack Power ] Holy damage, plus 10% 25% of damage taken from your abilities in that time.

Justicar’s Vengeance now has an 8-yd range (required Melee range).

Final Reckoning – Call down a blast of heavenly energy, dealing [ 287.5% of Attack Power ] Holy damage to all targets in the target area and causing them to take 50% 40% increased damage from your Holy Power abilities for 8 10 sec.

Vanguard of Justice (new talent) added. Your single target Holy Power abilities cost 1 additional Holy Power and deal 20% increased damage.

Divine Wrath (new talent) added. Increases the duration of Avenging Wrath or Crusader by 3 sec.

Executioner’s Will – Templar’s Verdict extends the duration of Execution Sentence on the target by 1 sec. Templar’s Verdict and Justicar’s Vengeance extend the duration of Final Reckoning and Execution Sentence on targets by 1 sec.

Adjudication – Critical strike chance increased by 2%, Hammer of Wrath has a 5% increased critical strike chance and deals 10% increased critical strike damage. Critical strike chance increased by 2% and Hammer of Wrath critical strikes cause a Blessed Hammer to spiral around you dealing [ 30% of Attack Power ] Holystrike damage to enemies.

Crusader’s Reprieve now affects the range of Rebuke.

Empyrean Legacy can only occur every 20 seconds (down from 30).

Inquisitor’s Ire – Every 3 2 sec, gain 5% increased damage to your next Divine Storm, stacking up to 10 times.

Art of War‘s change to trigger increased to 20% (was 15%).

Penitence is now a 1-rank node.

Divine Hammer‘s duration increased to 12 seconds (up from 9). Periodic damage now occurs every 2 seconds (up from 1.5 seconds).

Vanguard’s Momentum is now a 1-point node. The spell no longer increases Hammer of Wrath damage.

Highlord’s Judgment additional effect added. Increases the duration of Judgment by 2 seconds per rank.

 Tempest of the Lightbringer no longer consumes stacks of Judgment.

Crusader Strike generates 1 Holy Power every 2 attacks (was every attack).

Righteous Cause – Templar’s Verdict, Final Verdict and Justicar’s Vengeance have a 25% 20% chance to reset the cooldown of Blade of Justice.