Overwatch 2 Beta is now over. The Overwatch team will continue to balance heroes based on Beta feedback. Over the coming weeks, they will share more details about the game as we approach launch on October 4, 2022.


The Overwatch 2 Beta comes to an end—and with that, we’re one step closer to a new beginning on October 4.

Watching our players across different platforms take Junker Queen for a spin, run wild across Rio, and try out a slew of other new features for the first time was an awesome experience for the team. Each piece of feedback we received was incredibly valuable, and we were able to focus on both our technical and gameplay goals throughout the testing period! 

We’ll continue to balance heroes—based on our findings from the beta, and perhaps based on some additional considerations (like a certain unannounced fox-related hero who will be joining the support roster).

Over the next few weeks, the team will share more information about the data we’ve been collecting. We have new features and content that we look forward to sharing with you as well over the next couple of months. We’re one step closer to launch now, and we can’t wait to share more with you soon!