The new Famitsu interview has revealed more news for Patch 6.2: Buried Memory! Updates on Pandaemonium include new story content as well as four new raids. 

Buried Memory is linked to the main story and Pandaemonium, which suggests that the story threads will intersect at some point — similar to how Eden raids are referenced in post-Shadowbringers main story. The “memory” in the title refers to memories you want to seal and forget, while in the context of main story it refers to the memories and feelings of the inhabitants of the 13th who have now become monsters, and whether the Warrior of Light and party will reawaken those memories by stepping into their world. 

The second tier of Pandaemonium will dive further into the Ancients’ ways of thinking. It looks like we’ll be one step closer to finding out what they are trying to seal in the depths of Pandaemonium. We also have a visual on what looks to be our very own Lahabrea, whose appearance had been a mystery from A Realm Reborn.


Notable raid changes to the second tier include more flashiness, as the last tier was a bit plain compared to Eden. However, Square Enix has taken into account the feedback that players had with Phoinix, who is notorious for being incredibly bright and hard to see, so fights will be built with better visibility in mind. 

As with the usual power scaling trend, the second Savage tier will be harder than the first. The difficulty spike is adjusted around the knowledge that players have become more comfortable with their level 90 rotations, so be ready to gear up for a challenge! Here’s to hoping that the next tier is even more exciting than the first. 

Last thing to note: Unlike in 6.05, they will not be delaying Tomes to coincide with Savage, despite the 1-week Savage delay because they don’t want to risk upsetting casual players. Tomes will come out a week before Savage (with normal). They acknowledge that this is a huge change and encourages everyone to give feedback on how it feels after experiencing it. They’re aware that the fights will likely be a bit easier because of the higher ilvl and they discussed rebalancing to make them harder, but for now they don’t want to make too many changes.