An interesting character from the past is returning in Dragonflight! This post contains story spoilers.

We’ve datamined multiple spells and a map of the Emerald Dream that hint at the return of Ysera in Dragonflight.

Datamined Spells

Activating – Activate the Globe of Rebirth to prepare the way for Ysera.

Eternal Slumber – Slumbering for eternity under Ysera’s power.

Ysera – Embody the spirit of the Dreamer: Ysera.

Ysera – You embody the spirit of Ysera.

Datamined Map of the Emerald Dream

We’re likely going to visit the Emerald Dream and awaken Ysera from her eternal slumber for an unknown reason. However, Ysera probably won’t lead the Green Dragonflight as the new loading screen shows Merithra as the leader of the Green Dragonflight.