Check out the new mount and pet collector achievements and rewards that will be available later today on live servers when the Dragonflight pre-patch is live.


Otterworldly Ottuk Carrier is a mount rewarded from the “Thanks for the Carry!!” achievement. If you’ve collected 500 mounts on live servers on a single character, you will automatically receive it when the Dragonflight pre-patch releases. 

Battle Pets

Four new pet collector achievements await in the Dragonflight pre-patch. You will receive the pets automatically if you collected the required number of unique pets.

Many More Mini Minions – Collector 1,250 unique pets

Pet Reward: Crystalline Mini-Monster

Proven Pet Parent – Collect 1,500 unique pets.

Pet Reward: Secretive Frogduck

What Can I Say? They Love Me. – Collect 1,750 unique mounts.

Pet Reward: Violet Violence

Good Things Come in Small Packages – Collect 2,000 unique mounts.

Pet Reward: Mister Muskoxeles