Amazon have finally announced when we’ll be getting the new and improved Tripod system, and it’s next week! There are some important details on the change, as you’ll want to store all your  tripods so you don’t lose them, and there’s a few ways to take extra advantage of the switch as well. Read up on all the details of how the system works below.

Tripod (Source)

Next week as a part of our November 16th Update, the Skill Tree Transfer System (often referred to as the Tripod System) will be updated. In this new system, Skill Tree Effects will no longer transfer to gear, and will instead transfer to your characters.

We will have full details on this system written out in our patch notes for the November Update, but wanted to let players know of a few changes with the system ahead of time.

First and foremost, as all Skill Tree Effects will be removed from your gear with this new system, it is important to store your Skill Tree Effects in your Skill Tree Inventory ahead of the November 16th update. Skill Tree Effects that are not stored in the Inventory will be lost.

In order to save your Skill Tree Effects, you will need to visit a [Transfer Skill Tree] vendor in a major city, click the “Inventory” button, and select your Skill Tree Effects from your gear to be saved in your inventory. Having your Skill Tree Effects saved in your Skill Tree Inventory will ensure that they are transferred over to the new system following the November Update. Please note that for any duplicate Skill Tree Effects that are saved, only the Skill Tree Effect of the highest level will be transferred over.

Because some classes have new skills that will replace older ones in this update, players will receive a compensation for those skills’ Skill Tree Effect. To receive compensation, the character must have a Lv. 2 or higher Skill Tree Effect for the impacted skill before the update. Compensation details will be included in next week’s patch notes.

Please also note that the new system will not require Skill Tree Inventory slots. Any Crystals used to purchase additional slots will not be refunded when the system changes, but all Skill Tree Effects stored in expanded Skill Tree Inventory slots will transfer to the new system. Please be aware of this if you are considering buying additional Skill Tree Inventory slots prior to the update.

If you want to learn how to take full advantage of the upcoming Skill Tree Transfer System changes and get a head start on learning about the upcoming system, check out these videos by some of our Lost Ark content creators: