The map of Dragon Isles contains a mysterious area surrounded by islands. What purpose will the zone fulfill in the new expansion?

The area I’m talking about is located west of the Ohn’ahran Plains. Currently, there is just water and some surrounding islands in the game.

Reddit user art_prominence spotted the empty area a while ago and thinks it could be related to the Green Dragonflight (spoiler post of datamined broadcast text). The Reddit comment below also contains potential spoilers.



Early Dragonflight datamining hinted at a possible underground zone in Patch 10.1. All the references have been removed from the game files ever since we and other sites covered it.

Could the seemingly empty area be intended for an underground zone that will remain encrypted until Patch 10.1?

I went to the area in the game and took some screenshots (with max view distance) to give you a better idea of its size.

What will the area be used for in Dragonflight? Let me know your wild guess in the comments!