One of Final Fantasy XIV’s many annual events returns next week, with a long-awaited feature for the Summer event. This year’s Moonfire Faire theme is Prepare to Dive!

As mentioned in a previous article regarding summer attire to prepare for the beach, the Moonfire Faire is set to launch soon! We also mentioned the possibility of the gigantic jumping puzzle returning, and judging by the theme and this year’s artwork, that seems to be true!

The jumping puzzle has two phases, one for everyone to complete, and one that’s far more challenging. Some in the community have even said that the summer jumping puzzle is more difficult than even Kugane Tower! 

Summer rewards this year are a bikini and shawl for females, an open beach shirt and some flashy board shorts for males, and a bonfire housing item for your yard! What are you most looking forward to?

You can check out the rewards on Square Enix’s special site for the event, as well as an unmarked image of the event’s artwork. The Moonfire Faire launches August 10th, and lasts all the way through August 26th. We’ll see you on the beach!

The Moonfire Faire Begins August 10 [Source]

As the realm swelters in the summer heat, the decorations lining city streets and fireworks blooming in the night sky make for much more pleasant reminders of the season. Now is the time to escape to Costa del Sol, where tranquil waters and the Moonfire Faire await!

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