We’re looking at some minor things coming in the pre-patch next week.

A List of Minor Things Coming in the Dragonflight Pre-Patch

The new Dragonflight login screen is coming in the pre-patch! It shows Tyrhold.

All Profession icons have been updated. The Profession window has a new UI.

Resurrection Sickness is changing for the first time in the game’s history. Previously, it lasted 10 minutes, and you took a 25% durability loss. In the pre-patch, this is changing to 1 minute and 50% durability loss.

All 3 Shadowlands raids will be permanently Fated when Shadowlands launches, meaning you can get the slime cat mount in just one day instead of 3.

All 3 Shadowlands raids will use Group Loot as the primary way of loot distribution.

Players who collected 500 mounts in the game will receive the Otherworldly Ottuk Mount in the pre-patch.

Four pet collection achievements will be available, along with new rewards.

More control support is coming in the pre-patch.

Loading screens now have a wide-screen variant.

Cross-faction tagging has been implemented. Up to 5 players of any faction can tag a mob, which means you can complete quests together.

The rare icon has been updated.

Gathering professions have new minimap icons.

Tier Sets Bonuses will be disabled.

Shadowlands Legendaries and Covenant Abilities continue to work in the Shadowlands content.

Legion Timewalking Mythic+ is gone, but the Mage Tower is there permanently.

The barber shop is free!

For more details, we recommend you watch MrGM’s video linked below.