Dragonflight Alpha realms went offline a lot earlier than expected today. Is Closed Beta starting this week?

Usually whenever Blizzard deploys a new Alpha build, realms remain offline for just a few hours (granted they do not run into any unexpected issues that they announce via blue posts). Today, however, Alpha realms went mysteriously offline sooner than expected.

On top of that, WoW PTR realms went down for maintenance a few hours ago, which brings me to the following conclusions: Dragonflight pre-patch testing is coming any time now, maybe alongside Dragonflight Closed Beta testing.

All classes except for the Vengeance Demon Hunter received new talent trees on the Alpha, making it the perfect opportunity to add the last spec today and announce Closed Beta and pre-patch testing. While we’re at it, do not forget to opt in for Beta for a chance to receive an invitation.