We found a new conversation between Greymane and Shaw in the latest Dragonflight Alpha build. This post contains spoilers.

An interesting dialogue between Shaw and Greymane takes place in Stormwind in the Dragonflight expansion. Both talk about Anduin Wrynn. Shaw says “years have passed since Azeroth’s heroes returned from the Shadowlands”, likely referring to a time skip between Shadowlands and Dragonflight.

Anduin remained in the Shadowlands at the end of the expansion. In Dragonflight, he’s still missing and the people of Stormwind miss their king even though Turalyon is a natural leader popular with the nobles. The full transcript of the conversation can be found below.

Master Mathias Shaw: King Greymane, I thought you should know. Wrathion asked if there’s been any word from–

Genn Greymane: Anduin? He asked me the same question. Though their friendship has been strained, I know the king considers Wrathion an ally.

Master Mathias Shaw: Several years have passed since Azeroth’s heroes returned from the realms of Death.

Master Mathias Shaw: In that time, I’ve followed up countless leads. Reports that the king was sighted here or there. None of them have been proven true.

Genn Greymane: I do not think that we will find Anduin until he wishes to be found. That may take some time.

Master Mathias Shaw: Turalyon is popular with the nobles, and he’s a natural leader to our soldiers. But the people of Stormwind miss their king.

Genn Greymane: The best thing that any of us can do is to give Anduin the time he needs. And to be here for him whenever he comes home.