We’re leveling up our guides with the help of our data-driven sister site U.GG!

About U.GG

U.GG is the most accurate League of Legends Statistics site that recently launched a World of Warcraft section on their website. It provides tier lists for Mythic+, raiding, PvP, and detailed class and specialization pages with Best-in-Slot gear, enchants, builds, and more. All the data is based on parses from live servers.

U.GG x Icy Veins Collaboration

Today, we’d like to talk about our first chapter of the collaboration between Icy Veins and U.GG. The goal of the collab is to add data-driven value to our guideswhile at the same time, adding context to U.GG recommendations.

From now on, whenever you visit one of our class guides, you will see a new section that links to U.GG data relevant to your specialization.

For example, opening the Blood Death Knight gearing page brings up a link to U.GG’s Blood Death Knight Gear and BiS Guide, providing you with useful data!

At the same time, U.GG now contains links to Icy Veins’ class guides for more context to go with their data.

We hope the new functionality will result in an enhanced user experience. As always, we’re very open to feedback, so don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments!