Check out which activities grant quest credit for the weekly Revival Catalyst quest!

When you unlock the Revival Catalyst for the first time, you’ll receive a weekly quest, which you must complete to be granted 1 Catalyst Charge for all characters on your account. It’s essentially a progress bar that must be filled to 100%.

We’ve summarized all activities that grant/do not grant quest credit toward the quest below.

Completing Rare and Epic World Quests gives 20% credit per quest. Standard World Quests provide no credit.

Killing the weekly World Boss gives 20% credit.

Mythic Dungeons provide 25% quest credit per clear. Timewalking, Normal and Heroic Difficulty Dungeons do not give any quest credit.

Defeating a Vault of the Incarnates raid boss provides 25% quest credit. Not sure if Raid Finder Difficulty counts.

Standard Rares do not give any quest credit.

Primal Storm Rares provide 10% quest credit (thanks to sujesmi).

Standard World Quests provide no quest credit.

Weekly turn-in quests provide ??% credit.

Battleground, Arena, and Solo Shuffle wins give 20% quest credit.

World Events like Grand Hunts or Siege of the Dragonbane Keep do not provide any quest credit.

Please, let us know in the comments if we’re missing anything.