Quantum items are consumables that drop from the Dawn of the Infinite megadungeon, but how exactly do they work? Find out in our latest post!

Quantum items drop from bosses in the Dawn of the Infinite megadungeon. They teach you a random uncollected appearance. Below you will find a list of some Quantum item examples:

Quantum Wand

Quantum Staff

Quantum Warglaives

Quantum Sword

Quantum Polearm

Quantum Shield

Quantum Mace

Quantum Shoulders

Quantum Headpiece

Quantum Knuckles

Quantum Legs

Quantum Knife

Quantum Focus

Quantum Greathammer

Quantum Greatsword

Quantum Gloves

Quantum Bow

Quantum Crossbow

Quantum Firearm

Quantum Chestpiece

Quantum Axe

For example, if you obtain a Quantum Staff, you can use the item to teach you an uncollected Staff appearance from your collection. Now, most of the time, you will receive a gray or green appearance, but there’s a low chance to receive an item appearance that is extremely rare.

Naturzaros looted Doomed Crown of Lei Shen, an item from Throne of Thunder with an extremely low drop chance.

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Another player looted the Leather Shoulders from Xavius, so it all comes down to how lucky you’ll get!

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