Patch 10.0.7 adds catch-up gear for alts and returning players.

The Forbidden Reach catch-up gear has Item Level 385 and is account-bound. I believe the plan here is to turn the Forbidden Reach into a sandbox zone like Mechagon.

The datamined tokens include gear for all slots and armor types (Back, Weapons, Rings, Trinkets, Neck):

Primalist Cloak

Primalist Weapon

Primalist Trinket

Primalist Ring

Primalist Necklace

Cloth Armor Tokens

Primalist Cloth Boots

Primalist Cloth Chestpiece

Primalist Cloth Bracers

Primalist Cloth Belt

Primalist Cloth Spaulders

Primalist Cloth Helm

Primalist Cloth Leggings

Primalist Cloth Gloves

You will find tokens of other armor types on WoWDB.