Many players seem to be having trouble getting their Feldrake mount Twitch rewards and are  asking for help and asking what to do. There doesn’t seem to be a definitive answer or solution, unfortunately, but several players have offered a couple of potential workarounds that might work, so let’s take a look.

Again none of this is guaranteed, but considering responses to tickets are “we can’t help you, but are looking into it”, they may be worth a try. So first off, actually claiming the mount seems to be working, as in clicking the claim button on Twitch, however players aren’t finding the mount in the game.

First things first, make sure to check in the right place – the top of the mount journal where the mount will appear as a present box, similar to the Dragon Kite for pets.


The second thing you can try is re-syncing/reconnecting your with your Twitch account, waiting a few minutes, and hope that updates the process, as it did work for some players (source). You can go to your connections page and try reconnecting Twitch there.

And lastly, if the above didn’t work, you may be one of the unfortunate players affected by a known issue Blizzard are working on. This will get resolved eventually, so just be patient and wait for a fix, but know you’re not alone with this issue.

This is a known issue, friend. Several players aren’t receiving them. It is being looked into. ^JH

— Blizzard CS – The Americas (@BlizzardCS) December 1, 2022

Hopefully some of this helps and you can get your Feldrake soon, or at least puts you at ease that Blizzard are working on it.