Fated World Boss Antros is available this week dropping item level 285 loot!

Antros can be found on Antecedent Isle in Zereth Mortis.


Antros serves as the guardian to the treasures of Antecedent Isle. The Jailer’s forces seek to use it in its’ newly dominated form to unearth the isle’s secrets to further desecrate Zereth Mortis.


Antros is an enormous construct that uses its size and strength to safeguard the secrets of Antecedent Isle. The ancient automa will bring Destruction Cores crashing around it, inflicting heavy damage to those caught in the impact zones and desecrating the area around them. Antros will periodically afflict all players with Controlled Calamity, and lay waste to any targets caught inside its Furious Slam.

Loot from Antros

Fated Antros drops the following item level 285 loot:

Sav’thul’s Calamitous Tantour (Cloth Head);

Dealic Deterrent Stockings (Cloth Legs);

Lattice of the Distant Keeper (Leather Chest);

Antecedent’s Aliform Joggers (Leather Feet);

Controlled Sequence Clasp (Mail Belt);

Destruction-Core Handlers (Mail Wrist);

Cosmic Guardian’s Casing¬†(Plate Chest);

Antros’ Entrusted Bascinet (Plate Head);

Adaptive Armor Fragment (Potency Conduit);

Condensed Anima Sphere (Endurance Conduit).

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