With Dragonflight testing in full swing, players have encountered some familiar faces on the Dragon Isles

Alexstrasza as the face of Dragonflight and other Dragon Aspects are not mentioned here on purpose.

1. Sindragosa 

Sindragosa was the Queen of the Blue Dragonflight and consort of Malygos. She’s now back in the Azure Span!

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2. Hemet Nesingwary

Now retired, good old Hemet Nesingwary is back in Dragonflight. Now retired, hopefully he offers a quest to kill 500 drag.. (ahem). 

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3. Senegos (Stellagosa/Emmigosa)

Senegos, the oldest non-Aspect dragon alive that we encountered in Azsuna, is back with the whole family. Portrayed next to his granddaughter Stellagosa and great-great-great-great-great (yeah really) granddaugther Emmigosa.

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