The Dragonflight pre-patch event is now available for testing on the PTR, and here’s everything we know.

Four locations on Azeroth will be periodically under attack by Primalist forces in the pre-patch event. The exact location is always displayed on the world map. There are four Invasion types — earth, fire, water, and air.

Primalist Invasions are available in the following zones:

Northern Barrens

Tirisfal Glades



When you enter the area with an active invasion, you will see a progress bar called Elemental Protection. You must bring it down to 0 by defeating trash mobs in the location that have been imbued with power (mobs scaled up to level 70). This is a zone-wide effort and you must only be present in the area to see the bar deplete.

When the bar reaches 0, an Elemental Boss will become attackable.

The boss drops 15 Primeval Essences that can be turned in for gear and a toy.

Storm Vendors sell item level 252 gear and a toy named Bag of Furious Winds. The Horde Storm Vendor is located at the new zeppelin tower near Orgrimmar Docks. The Alliance Storm Vendor can be found in Stormwind Docks.

You can queue up for Normal Difficulty Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr during the pre-patch.

Based on datamining (Against the Elements), we know there are four bosses you must defeat to be granted the pre-patch event Feat of Strength achievement.