You can earn item level 389 PvP gear from World Quests in Dragonflight!

Yesterday, we looked at Primal Elementalist invasions and PvE gear you can earn in the Dragonflight expansion. However, our PvP friends have not been forgotten! The gear comes from a currency rewarded from PvP World Quests on the Dragon Isles.

Drakebreaker’s gear is sold my Malicia in Valdrakken.

World PvP Starter Gear in Dragonflight

Item level 389 gear.

You can farm it before the first Dragonflight PvP season begins.

Costs Bloody Tokens — you can farm them from PvP World Quests in Dragonflight.

Set Bonuses

(2) Set: Versatility increased by 131.

(4) Set: When you are stunned, harden your resolve, absorbing up to 72,268 damage for 10 sec. Cannot occur more than once every 2 min.

(6) Set: Killing enemy players grants Breaker’s Frenzy, increasing versatility and movement speed. Can stack up to 10 times.+

Item cost depends on the armor slot:

Helm, Legs, and Chest: 200 Bloody Tokens.

Shoulders, Gloves, and Feet: 150 Bloody Tokens.

Cloaks, Bracers, and Belt: Costs 100 Bloody Tokens.

Weapons: 250 Bloody Tokens.