We had the opportunity to interview Associate Game Director Morgan Day, and one of the big things asked by our team was whether Mythic+ would be getting some Dragonriding mount rewards. While that answer won’t be making any M+ players too happy, the follow up question will make everyone that enjoys Dragonriding very happy!

And while the exact wording on the answer wasn’t 100% definitive or a full commitment, it does seem very clear that Dragonriding will continue after Dragonflight! 

Are there plans to add Dragonriding mount rewards to Mythic+, similar to the skins obtainable from raiding and the gladiator achievement in PvP, or will it stay as a non-Dragonriding mount reward?

Morgan Day: For the rest of Dragonflight, that’s the plan. When we first set out creating the Keystone Master rewards, we thought it would be fun to have them act similarly to how Gladiator mounts did back in the day. Those mounts had a very specific look to them and, if you saw that mount, you knew it was a gladiator mount. We wanted the same thing for Keystone Master mounts, to have the aesthetic of them being associated with the achievement. Dragonriding skins are, on the other hand, a very new thing to World of Warcraft. We weren’t sure how it was going to work out and how the community would react to the system, so as we move forward in the future, we can explore skins as a reward for Keystone Master, but for now, for the rest of Dragonflight, the mount will stay consistent.

Based on that, I assume that means that Dragonriding is being considered for future expansions?

Morgan Day: Initially, we were really interested in the response to Dragonriding before committing to it becoming a permanent part of WoW. Having seen the reception from the community, I’m sure there’d be a lot of “feedback” if it didn’t become an evergreen element of WoW, so I absolutely think it is here to stay. There are, however, conversations to be had and problems to solve in terms of the mount collections. We want people to still find value in their mount collection – we don’t want to suddenly make 95% of your mount collection feel obsolete. There’s some problems we need to solve there in terms of introducing Dragonriding into older continents, as well as allowing non-Dragonriding mounts to fly in Dragonflight. It’s definitely a hotly debated topic within the team, we just want to roll out the plan in a way that is going to achieve all of our goals.