We’ve summarized all updates to Dragonriding coming in Fury Incarnate. Check them out!

Challenge and Reverse Challenge modes are coming for all Dragonriding courses in the game.

Challenge mode is essentially the same as Advanced, but without Vigor regeneration orbs.

They will unlock weekly in different zones before they unlock permanently.

There’s a new meta-achievement tied to the challenges, but only the Bronze version has a reward listed — Bronze Racer’s Pennant.

Dragonriding animations have been added to many wyvern and gryphon mounts to support Dynamic flight in Patch 10.1.7. While Dragonriding won’t be introduced for the mounts in the near future, it’s nice to see Blizzard’s working on it.

Eastern Kingdoms cup has been added. The rewards are currently unknown, but the event is currently slated for October 4, 2023, according to the in-game calendar on the 10.1.7 PTR. The event adds 14 new races.

Gilneas Gambit

Searing Slalom

Deadwing Derby

Gurubashi Gala

Blasted Lands Bolt

Booty Bay Blast

Krazzworks Klash

Loch Modan Loop

Twilight Terror

Elwynn Forest Flash

Ironforge Interceptor

Plaguelands Plunge

Fuselight Night Flight

Redridge Rally

Holiday-themed customization options are coming for Dragon Isle Drakes!

Source: Brewfest (Coren Direbrew)

Source: Hallow’s End (The Headless Horseman)

Pirates’ Day (Pirates’ Day Vendor)

Day of the Dead (Day of the Dead Vendor)

For more details, you can check out MrGM’s video linked below.