DragonBinds is a helpful addon for Dragonriding, which gives you more control over your dragon.

It was created by Gray, who, throughout Beta, released numerous Dragonriding videos. DragonBinds can be downloaded on CurseForge.

It allows you to change your movement keys (Strafe/Forward/Backward) to movement keys used while flying your dragon (Turn/Pitch). The goal is to emulate other flying game controls and free the use of your mouse to look around you with your camera. 

The addon works well with Pitch Sensitivity set to 5, which you must set with the following command:

“/console dragonRidingPitchSensitivity X (X = 1 to 10)

Gray clarifies on the CurseForge page that you need to bind a key to toggle in & out of “Dragon Mode.” You can do this in the Keybinds settings in Game Options. You will find that and more in the video below.