Blizzard made some changes to the Dragonriding turn rate tech in this week’s Dragonflight Alpha build. Dragonriding hotbars can be customized through drag-and-drop just like a druid’s bar when using forms.


Here again with a few updates that went live with this build:

When we introduced turn rate tech, we wanted to make sure the when of a turn mattered. However, we might have been too heavy-handed with those values. Now that we’ve found the outer limits, we’ve re-tuned turn rate to lessen its impact. We continue to iterate on the balance here and welcome your feedback. Please give it a try, in questing, time trials, or both, and share your experience with us.

In addition, we’ve improved the hotbars for dragonriding, allowing players to customize their hotbars through drag-and-drop as normal, much like a druid’s bar when in bear form (or other cool forms). This also resolves some issues like not being able to use abilities to dismount and not being able to interact with quest items while mounted. (If you lose your dragonriding abilities, check your spellbook. Characters from previous alpha builds may not have these skills, but new characters in this build should see them there.)

Fixed issues include:

Rostrum settings now won’t reset when switching dragons, and “Accept” purchases all selections made.

Dragonriding visual effects should no longer persist when getting kicked off a mount.

Dragonriding visual effects should no longer display on other players in unexpected situations.

Players that aren’t Dracthyr or Demon Hunters can no longer double jump after dismounting a dragonriding mount.

New known issues include:

Occasionally, a character attempting to progress down the skill track will be unable to take new traits, even though they have enough currency. A relog should solve this in most cases.