Blizzard added two vendors selling item level 252 gear to Stormwind and Orgrimmar. The catch-up gear is most likely tied to the Dragonflight pre-patch event.

The vendors are Storm Hunter William (Alliance) found in Stormwind and Storm Huntress Suhrakka (Horde) found in Orgrimmar.

A new currency called Primeval Essence is required to purchase gear. We do not know at this time how to earn it. Based on previous pre-patch events, it should be relatively easy to farm.

How Much Primeval Essence Does the Dragonflight Catch-Up Gear Cost?

The gear you buy with Primeval Essence isn’t BoA, and the prices vary depending on the armor slot. The prices are currently as follows:

One-Hand weapons cost 25 Primeval Essence.

Two-Hand weapons cost 45 Primeval Essence.

Shields / Off-Hands cost 25 Primeval Essence.

Chest/Head/Legs cost 45 Primeval Essence.

Shoulders/Feet/Gloves cost 35 Primeval Essence.

Back/Wrists/Trinkets/Rings cost 25 Primeval Essence.