The very first hotfixes of the pre-patch arrive and bring with them class and quest improvements, Fated raid and Mythic+ fixes and more!

October 26 (Source)



Fixed an issue where Ashamane’s Guidance, Ursoc’s Guidance, and Cenarius’ Guidance could stack with Celestial Spirits (Runecarving Power).


Freedom of the Herd (PvP Talent) now reduces the cooldown of Stampeding Roar by 15 seconds (was 60 seconds).



Fixed an issue where Fury of the Eagle (Talent) was causing more damage from Wild Spirits than intended.


Fixed an issue where sometimes Mind Sear couldn’t be used above 50 Insanity.

Dungeons and Raids

Fixed an issue where Fated raid gear were dropping at an incorrect item level.

Fixed an issue where Mythic and Mythic+ dungeon weapons were dropping at an incorrect item level.


Fixed an issue in “The Hunter of Heroes” scenario where Vigfus could not be defeated.

Horde Warriors are once again able to complete the quest “What’s Your Specialty?.”

Draenei Rogues should now be able to complete “Rescue the Survivors! !” through the use of Gift of the Naaru.