We have a solidny big set of hotfixes today, with the already announced Aberrus changes, charms being disabled in instances, tuning for charms, a fix for Trading Post activities and Treasure Goblins spawning in the same place, and a lot more!

May 25 (Source)

Dungeons and Raids

Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible

Fixed an issue allowing players who had completed Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible: Echoes of the Earth-Warder on any difficulty to access later encounters on higher difficulties.

The Vigilant Steward, Zskarn

Developers’ note: The Zskarn changes address an emerging tactic that trivializes certain aspects of the encounter. We hope these changes will encourage more interaction with the encounter’s existing mechanics, while maintaining its prior level of difficulty. These changes will be live 5/26.

The Vigilant Steward, Zskarn health reduced by 15% on Mythic difficulty.

Dragonfire Golem health reduced by 15% on Mythic difficulty.

Zskarn will now Berserk on all difficulties.

Adjusted the position of Dragonfire Traps.

Shrapnel Bomb reduced to 3 on Mythic difficulty (was 4).

Fixed an issue that could cause an inappropriate amount of Shrapnel Bombs to spawn.

Zskarn no longer activates Tactical Destruction based on his location.

The Underrot

Fixed an issue where Sporecaller Zancha’s Festering Harvest would not destroy spore pods.

Enemies and NPCs

Fixed an issue where the Treasure Goblin is spawning multiple times consecutively in Valdrakken.

Items and Rewards

Reduced the mana granted by Serpent’s Grand Charm to 2,400 (was 12,000) to correctly account for how healer mana pools are calculated.

The Diablo Promotion Charms effects will no longer be applied while in Raids, Rated PVP and M+ Dungeons.

Developers’ notes: The effects won’t immediately reapply when you leave these instances. You will need to relog to get them to apply again. We are looking into a possible fix for this.


The Savage Green Battle Turtle will no longer be summoned from the favorite mount list on land when it is favored and will now be prioritized when in water.

Player versus Player

Fixed an issue with capturing the Risen Spirits during the Classic Ashran Brawl.


Fixed an issue where “Seismic Ceremony” would not complete for players who only killed Runestone Fragments and did not click any Primalist Runestones.

Trading Post

“Complete Weekly Crafting Quests” and “Fulfill Personal Crafting Orders” activities should once again appear in the Travelers Log.