We have a larger than usual batch of hotfixes today, with plenty of PvP adjustments, as well as a Vault achievement and a Priest fix as well.

March 6 (Source)


[With weekly restarts] Fixed an issue causing Vault of the Incarnates achievement progress to sometimes reset when abandoning an LFR scenario.




Fixed a bug causing Expiation to no longer trigger Atonement.

Player versus Player




[With weekly restarts] Breath of Fire deals 35% additional damage in PvP.



[With weekly restarts] Sins of the Many’s effect is now reduced by 50% in PvP Combat.

[With weekly restarts] Atonement healing is increased by 40% in PvP Combat (was 20%).

Developers’ notes: We want Discipline Priests to contribute more offensively than other healers, but currently its damage is higher than we’re comfortable with. On top of a recent bug fix to Expiation damage, we feel it’s best to bring down Discipline’s overall damage while equalizing healing from Atonement which we feel is in a good spot.



[With weekly restarts] Deathmark duplicated effects now deal 50% (was 70%) of normal damage in PvP Combat.

[With weekly restarts] Numbing Poison effectiveness now reduced by 47% (was 33%) in PvP Combat.

[With weekly restarts] Numbing Poison (Shiv Effect) effectiveness now reduced by 52% (was 40%) in PvP Combat.

[With weekly restarts] Improved Garrote – Fixed a bug that prevented Improved Garrote’s PvP Multiplier from applying. Damage bonus will once again match the tooltip value of 30% (base 50%) in PvP Combat.