We have some Evoker changes, a lot of quest fixes, dungeon mini tuning, as well as many profession and item fixes and more!

December 8 (Source)


Fixed the timer for completing Three Minutes or It’s Free.



Ancient Flame now also reduces the global cooldown of Living Flame by 40%.

Developers’ note: We added this GCD reduction to the Ancient Flame talent so Living Flame can be smoothly cast in quick succession.


Energizing Flame now restores 70% of Living Flame’s mana cost when striking an enemy (was 50%).

Living Flame now heals for 30% more and costs 20% of total mana (was 10% total mana).

Developers’ note: We want Living Flame to feel more impactful for Devastation Evokers when using it to heal themselves or an ally, but we also want to make sure it can’t be used indefinitely. The Evoker’s mana bar is intended to be a rate limiter on healing, similar to how Healing Surge is for Elemental Shamans for example.


Beast Mastery

Fixed an issue where Call of the Wild was making Mend Pet temporarily unusable each time a pet was summoned from Call of the Wild.


Fixed an issue where Profane Bargain was providing too high of shared damage.

Creatures and NPCs

Maldraxxus Abominations should now correctly help players above level 60 when adventuring in the Shadowlands.

Fixed an issue where Horace “Scalding” Stern would clutter players’ combat logs with his actions.

Players can no longer sit on the stools that Miya and her mother Plifa are sleeping on in the Gelikyr Inn. This change will allow them to get the quality of sleep they deserve.


Whirling Surge cooldown now resets at the start of each dragon race.

Dungeons and Raids

Brakenhide Hollow

Bracken Warsourge’s Hideous Cackle chamges:

Reduced the duration to 4 seconds (was 7)

Increased the cast time to 3.5 seconds (was 2.5)

Added stronger visuals to the precast to draw more attention to the cast time so players can more readily interrupt it.

Items and Rewards

Fixed an issue where some Tuskarr Fishing Net timers were not decreasing while offline.

Fixed an issue where Darkmoon Deck: Watcher was giving a lower Versatility value than expected when triggering the shield.

Drakonid Spear is now only useable in the Dragon Isles outdoor content.


Fixed issues with multiple incorrect recipe bindings:

Technique: Renewed Proto-Drake: Predator Pattern is no longer Bind on Pickup.

Schematic: Tinker: Breath of Neltharion is no longer Bind on Pickup.

Recipe: Celebratory Cake is now Bind on Pickup.

Developers’ Note: Our philosophy for Dragon Isles recipe acquisition is simple – we intend for as many recipes to be tradeable as possible. The main exceptions to this rule are for recipes that come from quest rewards and from renown. There should always be a moment of excitement when you find a recipe, either because it can be sold for a pretty penny or read for your own benefit. We will continue to keep an eye out for and correct recipes that do not align with these goals.


Cooking Seamoth Surprise now correctly has a chance to teach the Great Cerulean Sea recipe (was Thousandbone Tongueslicer).


Technique: Weathered Explorer’s Stave now requires Dragon Isles Inscription 50 to match all other high-end recipes (was 75).


Dragonflight Campaign

Fixed an issue preventing “Open Orientation” from being available to some alts.

Ohn’ahran Plains

“Counting Argali” and “Bakar Dream of Lost Argali” should now be significantly easier to complete.

Fixed an issue where the Foal’s Training Ability would show when not on the world quest “Low Hanging Fruit.”


Fixed an issue where the beam in use during the “The Once and Future Team” wasn’t cancelling itself if the quest was abandoned.

Fixed an issue on “The Once and Future Team” where Timewalker Wardens would sometimes not join the fight against the Colossal Causality.

Fixed an issue where Andantenormu was forgetting to rescue Worgen and Zandalari Trolls during “Feels like the First Time.”

Added a waypoint for “Catching Up to Chromie.”

Adjusted the tooltip for the “Temporal Destabilizing Beam” to show the correct range.

World Quests

Fixed the “Hydro Tuskarr” so the net is not usable while swimming underwater.

The Waking Shores

Fixed an issue where Cygenoth could fail to transform if he was stunned during the encounter in “The Shadow of His Wings.”


Valdrakken Accord

Fixed an issue where the “Fitting In” quest could display rewards that were already owned.